Dispute Resolution


Commercial disputes have become extremely significant in our current economy.  Effective resolution of commercial disputes generally requires a considerable input of both time and money.  At R M Cullen & Son our Litigation Department are ready to work with you to establish a realistic strategy to deal with your dispute which will minimise your costs and risk whilst striving towards a result which will be acceptable to you.

The resolution of Commercial disputes is one area in which the Judiciary in Northern Ireland have encouraged Practitioners to consider Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation and at R M Cullen & Son we are trained to deal with commercial disputes, where appropriate, in this manner.

In our own Practice we run a business and so we take pride in giving relevant, informed, and pragmatic Commercial advice.  Our extensive experience in dealing with commercial disputes includes: –

  • Commercial Contract disputes
  • Partnership Disputes
  • Judicial Review
  • Company Disputes (Shareholder/Director)
  • Contractual Disputes
  • Injunctions
  • Intellectual Property Disputes
  • Specific Performance Suits
  • Professional Negligence Claims
  • Arbitration, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation

In Commercial Litigation, R M Cullen & Son combine legal knowledge and mediation skills with commercial awareness and we pride ourselves on our straightforward practical approach, our experience and our results.


Historically, the Courts in Northern Ireland have a long tradition of dealing with property disputes, whether between adjoining land owners, vendors and purchasers of lands, landlord and tenant or involving matters such as rights of way or trespass.

In our current economic climate, property disputes have taken on extreme commercial significance.  In our Litigation Department we offer a long experience and tradition in this area of Law, as we at  R M Cullen & Son have been dealing with such disputes for over four generations as a family firm.  We attempt to direct you towards the most cost effective and appropriate method of dispute resolution whether this be through Mediation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Negotiation or, where appropriate, the issue of any expedition of Court Proceedings.

Our Litigation Department routinely deals with: –

  • Property Disputes
  • Court Proceedings (including the obtaining of Emergency Injunctions)
  • Providing Legal Opinion and Advices in property disputes
  • Landlord and Tennant Disputes
  • Boundary Disputes
  • Trespass Disputes
  • Referring and management of Mediation/Alternative Dispute Resolution in property disputes
  • Planning Appeals

R M Cullen & Son’s Litigation Department are trained and ready to consider the most suitable form of resolution for your particular property dispute in the manner which will be effective and cost efficient for you.


We at R M Cullen & Son appreciate that if you are forced to seek legal advice because of a personal dispute, because of the nature of the dispute you will be extremely stressed and worried.  Because the dispute by nature affects you personally, our Litigation Department are trained to deal with these matters in a sympathetic manner whilst striving towards an outcome which will leave you satisfied that your dispute has been dealt with in a practical, effective and cost efficient manner.

Because of the nature of personal disputes, very often our approach at R M Cullen is towards a mediated settlement, a resolution by alternative means rather than through Court Proceedings.  Naturally if Court Proceedings are appropriate we issue and pursue the Proceedings vigorously.

Matters dealt with us in this category include: –

  • Consumer Complaints
  • Neighbourhood disputes of a personal nature
  • Holiday complaints
  • Utility service complaints
  • Disputes involving conduct by another person
  • Defamation
  • Motor vehicle complaints

Personal disputes are in essence extremely sensitive and at R M Cullen & Son we will provide a confidential and effective service to you in dealing with these matters.