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What is Stamp Duty?  Stamp Duty is a tax charged on certain transactions.   Historically the evidence of the transaction was a document which required a physical stamp e.g. a Transfer Deed of a property.  The modern version of the tax no longer requires a physical stamp. Today, the most common form of the tax that […]


Are you thinking of buying a house? Are you saving for a deposit on your first house purchase? If the answer is, yes, then the government’s Help to Buy: ISA Scheme may be an opportunity for you to top up your savings with a bonus up to a maximum of £3,000.00.

From Sherry to Cappucino

It is difficult in our busy computerized and internet driven offices to imagine a more leisurely time when the Solicitors acting for the Vendor and the Purchaser completed a sale of property over a glass of sherry in the offices of the Solicitors acting for the Vendor.